Sorrel got a single, easy Culture

L’Sorrel is a delicious aromatic plant whose leaves are eaten in acid and very recognizable taste.

Easy to grow and provided with’a faculty to multiply alone, you l’There is also for its many medicinal properties.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Rumex acetosa
Family : Polygonaceae
Type : Condiment plant

: 25/30 cm
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade and shadow
Ground : Fresh, rather rich

Harvest : From June to February

Seeding and planting of’sorrel:

L’Sorrel is sown in cool, the sun n’not too hot, c’is a plant that will thrive particularly partially shaded place.

L’Sorrel is sown very well in pots for a terrace or balcony.

Although sow’sorrel:

Before you jump in the seedlings’sorrel, keep in’mind that this plant is very invasive because it proliferates at high speed.

  • The period for sow’sorrel start to end of’winter under cover or Spring in the ground.
  • Space the lines’at least 30-40 cm.
  • Sow seed hole every 25 cm and cover with’a thin layer of soil.
  • Keep the soil slightly moist.
  • Lighten upon exercise to keep only the most vigorous plants.
  • Continue to water regularly.

Although the plant’sorrel:

Purchased pot or bucket, and plant the’sorrel in the spring or the’fall. L’No exposure’has no’importance because it pleases the sun or’shade.

Prefer fresh and rather rich soils and avoid if possible too calcareous soils.

  • The plant will grow back to’year after year in the same place.


There division of’sorrel is the easiest and fastest way to multiply your seedlings’sorrel.

The multiplication’sorrel occurs both spring that’to’autumn.

  • Digging up the foot’Sorrel by taking the maximum of the root ball in place.
  • Separate strain to’Using’a cutting tool or’a spade.
  • You can separate the strain as much as you want, as long as’there is at least one leaf to replant.
  • Replant each mini-strain carrying at least one leaves.
  • Water regularly.

The Division of’Sorrel is also recommended for older plants of 3-4 years to regenerate the foot s’depletes over time.

Culture and Care’sorrel:

Easy to grow and’maintenance,’sorrel requires some care to improve harvest and sustain each foot as long as possible.

The first rule is to prevent the’sorrel will set seed.

  • When’flowers appear, remove the stems that carry them to ensure the development of the leaves.
  • Hoeing and weeding regularly around’sorrel to avoid’emergence of weeds.
  • Water under high heat and / or prolonged drought.
  • In winter, bring compost or manure order’soil amendment for’following year.

Culture of’Potted sorrel:

Pot, the’fears of sorrel’especially the lack of’water and will need to be watered regularly, whenever the soil is dry on the surface.

Repotting every year is recommended to meet the needs of the plant.

Pests and diseases that affect the’sorrel:

Quite hardy and resistant to the disease’Sorrel is rather insensitive but few still be invaded by aphids or devoured by Slugs.

  • The usual treatment against aphids and slugs should allow you to’deal with them quickly.

Harvest of’sorrel:

Sorrel got a single, easy CulturePick the leaves to as giving priority to’First, those that are more developed.

Do not pick the leaves whose size n’has not reached ten centimeter.

There 1st year, hold on 3 months after sowing before harvesting the first leaves.

You will retain the’sorrel in the crisper of the refrigerator to consume within 3 days after harvest.

L’Sorrel also freezes very well and can thus be used throughout the’winter.

TO Read on’sorrel:

Originating’Europe and’Asia,’Sorrel is both rich in vitamin C, especially aromatic. L’Sorrel is easily grown in most temperate climates.

It is believed to medicinal in the treatment of rheumatism, and for’improved digestion.

There are 4 main varieties’sorrel,

  • L’sorrel: it is the most common and has the largest leaves.
  • L’sorrel spinach or sorrel perpetual: close leaves’Spinach shape and size.
  • L’Round sorrel: very green and very round, c’is a more original sorrel.
  • L’barberry: She has green leaves with purple veins.

Malignant Council about the’sorrel:

It is advisable to cut the stems when’they start to go to seed order’avoid excessive proliferation of the plant.

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