Have beautiful orange oranges

L’orange enchants our gardens for centuries, and its culture is relatively easy.

But planting,’Maintenance and size are all gestures that allow you to’have beautiful orange and’prevent diseases of the’orange.

In short, that’you should know:

NameCitrus sinensis
Family : Rutaceae
Type: Fruit Trees

: 5 to 10m
Ground : Well drained, sandy and rich
Exposure : Sunlight

Foliage : Evergreen
Flowering : April-July
Harvest : November to March

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Planting and repotting of’orange:

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Planting in the ground:

L’orange may be planted in the ground only in the regions not affected by freezing the’winter.

Planting pot:

In areas with cold winters rather, it must the plant’orange in a large pan
L’winter it will be in a well lit room and the temperature does not fall below 5/6 °’winter.

By the spring, you can go out again to spend the rest of’outdoors year.

Repotting of’orange:

When you plant or repot, choose a soil mix (about 1/2) and poor topsoil limestone (1/2).

Repotting s’effected Preferably the spring, after harvesting the fruit or the end of’been before flowering.

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Watering of’orange:

L’watering of’orange is especially important in a pot because it tends to dry out much faster.

  • L’orange dreads excess’water.
  • Therefore water in the case of heat, but limited regular manner.
  • Prefer a watering in the evening in order to’prevent the’water s’evaporates too quickly.

Size, maintenance of’orange:

Fruit only grows on shoots of’year, it must be cut at the end of the’Winter in the month of February or March.

  • Delete the woods that grow toward’inside to give maximum light and those who cross.
  • You can also balance the branches to give it a nice shape. Satisfy you to’intaglio.

Have beautiful orange:

For beautiful oranges, bring a special citrus fertilizer during the growth phase.

Namely on’orange:

Highly valued by the kings of France, orange resulted in the construction of beautiful orangeries, mostly in the castle gardens.

Their high brightness and relatively mild temperatures in winter made it a perfect place for conservation these small trees.

  • They are increasingly sought after these days and most garden centers offer them for sale.

Citrus fruits are known for very beautiful green foliage, and white and fragrant flowers that make a beautiful ornamental tree.

Fruits addition to this aspect further exotic dimension do you need?

Common diseases and parasites in the’orange:

Moniliasis : Oranges rot on’orange tree
Cochineal : Whitish masses invaded the foliage
Aphids : Leaves s’curl and fall off

Malignant Council:

Protect them well in the winter and put them in’sheltered from the wind in the summer to promote the best fruit possible!

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Have beautiful orange oranges