Olivier ideal potted patio

L’olive tree in pot is a good idea to decorate a terrace or balcony.

L’interview, the size or the’watering of’olive jar determine the proper development of the olive trees and olives.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Olea europea
Family : Oleaceae
Type : Tree

: 1-3 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Soil
Foliage : Evergreen
Harvest : September to December

Follow our advice and culture’maintenance for a beautiful olive jar:

Repotting of’olive tree

The pot culture of’olive is quite suitable:

  • Choose a large enough pan so that the roots can grow with ease.
    L’n olivier’not necessarily need’too much pot that will be more difficult to move.
  • Use a ground for planting olive trees or soil.
  • Install it in a very sunny and quite sheltered from the wind.

Watering of’olive tree in pot:

Pot culture and that of the’olivier especially imposes certain rules as to’watering.

  • There soil dry out much faster, so you have water regularly.
  • L’olive tree not support excess’water, so it takes a moderate watering.
  • Every 15 days, during growth, bring the’fertilizer for olive your watering.
    We can consider this period as from May-July.

Size and Care’olive tree in pot:

Annual pruning is recommended at the end of’winter or early spring.
L’olive tree in pot sizes prefers sweet to severe pruning.

  1. Remove branches that have grown at the foot of’tree or along the trunk.
  2. Cut branches that link towards the ground. Priority should be given the growth of horizontal branches and going up to the sky
  3. Fan the heart of’tree by pruning branches that grow toward’Interior and retaining limbs that form the framework.

Get a beautiful olive tree in pot bringing your tree afertilizers olivier

Olivier winter pot :

He needs the freshness’winter and normally withstand frosts to conditions which’they are not too strong and durable.

If the temperature drops long below -5 °, protect it with a veil’wintering and cover the pot with a cover for protect the roots from the cold.

In very heavy frosts, it is essential to get your olive tree in a bright room, but where the temperature does not drop below 0 °.

Namely olive groves:

L’Olive enchants, nothing that’pronouncing his name!
This tree whose lifetime exceed the thousand’years is typical of the Mediterranean, but is found aujourd’Also hui on the Atlantic coasts more temperate.

Fruit, edible, are olives that’found mostly black or green time.
They can be eaten plain or decorated with’garlic, basil or’spices of all kinds.
They also enable the production of’oil’olive, known for its health benefits!

Common diseases and pests in trees:

  • The black scale: Fight and bio treatment
  • Canker: Fight and bio treatment
  • Maggot’Olive: Fight and bio treatment

Malignant Council about the’ olive tree in pot:

In cooler climate and in case of heavy frosts, cover your olivier d’a veil of’winter to protect it from the cold and wrap the pot’a cover to protect the roots.

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