Strelitzie Bird of Paradise Queen

L’Bird of Paradise is a beautiful plant, with a beautiful flowering and foliage’good density.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Strelitzia reginae
Family : Strelitziacées
Type : Vivace

: 1-3 m
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Evergreen
Flowering : May to September

Plantation of’Bird of Paradise:

L’bird of paradise from freezing and can not be grown in the ground that in regions sufficiently mild winters.

It normally lives in warm areas offering rather tropical climate and should therefore be grown in the pot and back’winter if n’is not.

Plantation of’bird of paradise in the ground:

  • a spring planting
  • a place sunny
  • a mixture of compost and garden soil for planting in the garden
  • a rather moist soil, fresh but well drained

Plantation of’bird of paradise pot:

  • good potting soil for flowering plants if it is potted
  • a partially shady location to avoid too rapid drying
  • avoid currents’air favoring a sheltered position of the wind

Size, maintenance of’Bird of Paradise:

If’bird of paradise is well planted and that his situation suits him, he claims only little’maintenance.

No size n’is really necessary unless you want to trim the’shrub.

  • Opt in this case a slight size
  • Remove the dry leaves in as

Winter Bird of Paradise:

If it was planted in the ground and outside, c’is that the climate in your area permits and n’there is, in this case, not much to do except n’is protect the plant if temperatures were to fall

Potted and in regions very cold winters, should be go plant in an environment where temperatures are gentle.

  • Placing the plant in a bright local
  • The room should not fall below 10 ° in winter
  • Limit winter watering

Watering of’Bird of Paradise:

In summer, when’it's hot, it is important’water regularly l’bird of paradise, especially when’it is grown in pots.

  • Watering at night is better to limit the’evaporation
  • Avoid wetting foliage
  • Reduce’watering of’bird of paradise Winter, especially for potted topics

TO Read on’Bird of Paradise:

This beautiful shrub offers original yellow and red flowers in the shape of long slender cluster.

Originating’South Africa, it naturally prefer an atmosphere rather warm s’it is in the ground, otherwise plant it in the tray you will return’winter.

It lives naturally on the verge of being’water, c’Therefore it needs’some moisture in the soil for many s’flourish.

L’Watering should be regular but not excessive throughout the flowering period.

Malignant Council about the’Bird of Paradise:

To stimulate flowering, you can make a contribution in organic fertilizer in spring and renew’operation once the’summer.

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