Carnation colors and scents

L’carnation, that’it is perennial or annual, offers a flowering of beauty.

L’maintenance of’Carnation is easy then here are tips to have beautiful flowers throughout the’summer.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Dianthus
Family : Caryophyllaceae
Type : Perennial, annual or biennial

: 20 to 80 cm
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : May to September

Plantation of’Carnation:

There are a large number of’species and varieties’eyelets. Among the many species, these are the most common:

  • Carnation chabaud or eyelet florists, 50-80 cm high, perennial or annual
  • Carnation China, 20-30 cm high annual
  • Carnation rockeries, 10 to 20 cm, perennial or annual
  • Carnations poets, 20-60 cm high, perennial or biennial
  • Carnation sweets, 20-30 cm tall perennial

For perennial carnations,

  • Unimportant planting to’fall or spring self-respect by taking a spacing of 20-25 cm between each plant.
  • The cuttings Perennial carnations is easily achieved from the month of May.
  • One can also multiply by division of the tuft to’fall.

For annual carnations,

  • perform a seedlings under shelter from March transplant once in the bucket before putting in the spring.
    You can sow directly in place from the month of’April-May

Size, maintenance of carnations:

L’Carnation is very durable and requires little to’maintenance.

  • Cut flowers wilted in as this stimulates’emergence of new flowers.
  • Water only in case of prolonged drought

Namely on’ Carnation:

Carnation colors and scents

Carnation is actually a common name that includes a large number of herbaceous flowers, mostly among dianthus.

The number’species’eyelets and offers a wide variety of colors and shapes.

This plant, annual or perennial depending on the variety of’carnations, is nevertheless always generous in its flowering and thus allows garnish your beds, borders, rock gardens or planters.

Not to be confused with’eyebolt’India¬†which is part of the Asteraceae and which takes its name’some resemblance, carnations are many species and varieties apart.

Rich in color and very fragrant, it is interesting to multiply the species within’same massif.

Malignant Council on carnations:

These flowers carnations florists take great bouquet and are very pretty in a floral arrangement.