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L’eyebolt’India is an annual offering very pretty flowers throughout the’summer.

Planting and’maintenance are gestures that enhance flowering.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Tagetes
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Annual

: 20 to 90 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary
Flowering : May to September

Planting eyelets’India:

  • Planting of eyelets’India purchased container is made from the month d’April-May.
    Mix the soil of your garden to the special soil and flowering plants maintain a distance’about 20-30 cm between each plant.
  • Seedlings, perform a seedlings under shelter from February-March and transplant once in April before putting in place in May.
  • Install the middle of your garden to fight against nematodes, near tomatoes or for roses against aphids

Size, maintenance of’eyebolt’India:

  • Remove faded flowers to As, it stimulates’emergence of new flowers.
  • Water if high heat or for eyelets’India pot, if the soil is dry.

Namely on’eyebolt’India:

Carnation turkey always the effect-1L’eyebolt’India, n’not to origiaire’But India d’Latin America, has many varieties and as many shapes and colors.

C’is a plant whose flowers bring great presence thanks to their size, but also the power of color which contrasts with the green of the foliage or the other plants in your garden.

Also use the’eyelet’India as a means of fight against many of’insects as the aphids or Whiteflies.
Their is a strong smell natural repellent against these pests in the garden.

Council on the eyelets’India:

L’eyebolt’India is well suited to the flower bouquet.

Simply take a few stems mixed with foliage and garden’effect is guaranteed!