Walnut have beautiful walnut-1

Walnut is a wonderful fruit, also very ornamental.

Culture and’maintenance, planting at the waist, improve your harvest and growth of walnut.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Juglans regia
Family : Juglandaceae
Type: Tree orchard

: 15 to 25 m
Climate : Temperate or warm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Deep, ordinary, well drained

Foliage : Deciduous
Flowering: Spring, April / May

Harvest : September / October

Walnut Plantation:

Ideally, walnut crashes to’autumn to promote the’roots before frost of’winter.
It can also be planted spring s’it is purchased in containers or in summer outside periods of hot weather.

  • Preferably choose a open area because it will reach a large size in height, but especially in width.
  • When planting, add a good grounding planting soil and also a organic amendment capable’bring to’tree nutrient requirements needed.
  • Mix everything in order’have a homogeneous structure’about 1/3, 1/3, 1/3.
  • Follow us tree planting advice

Pruning and maintenance walnut:

Walnut n’like being cut because each branch cut becomes an open door to many diseases.

This action must be limited to the minimum because it can damage the’tree and alter the future harvest.

If you need to cut the because it becomes too big, do it in September and protect the wound from’a grafting wax or tar from Norway.

  • Then remove dead wood
  • Cut the branches that grow toward’inside or downwards
  • If the branches intersect, eliminate in part

Harvesting nuts:

The nut harvest takes place in the month of September and up’in November by region.

  • Harvesting is done when the walnut is slightly open (crack)
  • L’ideal c’is to raise the just before that’they fall
  • Can also expect that’they fall which guarantee that the right time has come

Once picked, it can consume the fresh nuts within a few weeks maximum

They may also be dry in the sun after removing the husk which keeps them from 1 to 2 years without any problems.

  • Place nuts in a single layer and return regularly
  • If the sun is discreet, choose a ventilated, dry room

To know about the drowning:

Walnut have beautiful walnut-1Walnut is both a beautiful tree, well balanced and whose flowering color your garden early spring.

With its pretty small flowers kitten which appear before the leaves, you will enjoy its long highly ornamental character.

There are more late flowering species recommended for areas further north to d’avoid spring frosts n’affect flowering.

Called walnut shell surrounding meat or nuts, it n’only few’No interest if’is its use as a pigment for the Oil Painting’oil.

We use the nature nut, fresh or dried, or else transformed into oil in particular.

Malignant Council on Walnut:

As mentioned above, the large size of walnut requires planting it in a very open space.
This perspective, however you will create a beautiful corner of’shade for the summer heat!