Common hazel nuts for beautiful

Hazel is a fruit shrub valued for its delicious hazelnuts, green or blondes.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Corylus avellana
Family : Betulaceae
Type : Shrub

: 4 to 6 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Plain, rather light

: Deciduous
Flowering : February-April
Harvest : Fall

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Plantation of common hazel:

We must plant it preferably hazel to’autumn to promote’rooting before’winter.

But you can also plant the rest of the’year by avoiding the hot weather’summer and winter frosts.

It is essential to planting two varieties to promote fertilization and have fruits. Inquire at the’buying your hazel that’he s’these are different varieties ...

  • This step is important, follow our advice planting shrubs.

Size and maintenance of the common hazel:

No size n’is absolutely necessary, but size at the end of’winter to contain the size of hazel allows’improve crops.

  • Hazel dreads too frank sizes and prefers intaglio.
  • Remove half the seedlings to limit the size of hazelnut 1.8-2 m high
  • Remove dead wood and old branches more than 10 years.

If you want to reduce frankly antlers or balance hazel, never do before flowering.

Harvesting nuts:

Hazelnuts are harvested when the fruit is detached from the’shrub and fall to the ground.

But you can also eat the unripe nuts provided to eat them right away because they do not keep.

Conservation nuts:

The prerequisite for the conservation of hazelnuts is to let them ripen up’to an end.

  • It is known that’when they are ripe’they have a nice brown color / brown
  • They must detach easily from their shell
  • Dry hazelnuts in’air but no direct sun
  • Now keep the hazelnuts in a dry place and, ideally, rather cool.

Weevil, filbert worm, how s’rid:

The filbert worm, or balanin, fits with’Inside hazelnut and fully devour.

The surprise is when bad’it s’see that’inside is empty!

  • The weevil is housed underground to pass the’winter
  • As n’not like the cold just scratching the earth in winter to dislodge
  • The slightest frost will have reason to survive and you will be rid ...

A knowledge-hazel:

Hazel can be installed in isolated because it needs’another hazel near to give hazelnuts.

Install so Solid but also in constitution hedges, this has the’interest to make your cosmetic and productive hedge!

There hazelnut harvest occurs in’autumn and although the virtue of this large shrub is mostly harvest fruit, it n’are no less decorative with its beautifully cut foliage and colorful.

Malignant Council on Filbert:

Remove suckers (shoots) in as.

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