The tree nectarine nectarines

The nectarine belongs to the same family as the fish and c’is a wonderful fruit tree that requires some care before the fisheries harvest.

The planting,’Maintenance and size are important to avoid disease and ensure good development to your nectarine.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Prunus Persica nucipersica
Family : Rosaceae
Type: Tree orchard

: 2 to 5 m
Climate : Temperate and warm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

: Deciduous
Harvest : Summer

Planting nectarine:

It is recommended planting nectarine in a sunny and sheltered from prevailing winds.

Once’chosen location, plant your nectarine to’autumn or spring.

  • Make a mixture of loam and soil of the garden that will allow’lighten the earth and’provide the nutrients needed for proper development of’shaft.
  • If your soil is clayey, add about 1/3 of sand to your soil mix and compost
  • Put a Mulching to protect the winter frosts but also to complete the’organic input and prevent weed growth.

The nectarine is a hardy tree that what’we imagine, and can withstand temperatures of’order of -15 to -20 °.

Pruning and maintenance of nectarine:

The nectarine is a so-called non-apical trend which means that’after pruning, it will leave the base rather than the top.

Each year, it is important to trim your tree at the end of’winter above d’a look at wood well established.

  • You will ensure that the size is balanced and that’he n’there is no’central axis but rather a many ramifications.

It is important to practice size fruiting prior to the resumption of vegetation to stimulate’appearance of beautiful and many fisheries.

The nectarine is very sensitive peach leaf curl and it is obvious that’a good size will give vigor to your nectarine and therefore better resistance.

You can also treat your nectarine before’appearance of the first sheet, with a biological acaricide or a mixture based Bordeaux mixture ..

Namely the nectarine:

That n’never dreamed of’pick its fisheries in the garden, at the end of festive meal on the terrace the’was ...? This dream is within reach provided you take care of your tree in terms of’location, size and fertilization.

Early flowering of’pretty pink, nectarine offer you beautiful nectarines throughout the’summer.

Nectarine, Prunus persica produced by nucipersica, esten makes a variety of fishing issue’a natural mutation fish.

The difference between peach and nectarine lies more on’aspect, fishing with the nectarine down n’not. The nectarine is smooth and glossy.

Diseases and parasites nectarine:

  • Leaf curl nectarine : Blisters on leaves
  • Aphids: Fight and bio treatment
  • Scale insects: Fight and treatment
  • Moniliasis: Nectarines rotting nectarines

Malignant Council on the nectarine:

Eat organic products because they are now very effective and will not contaminate the fruit you enjoy ...