Narcissus, daffodil flower pretty

Narcissus is a beautiful flower bulb, characterized by its beautiful yellow color.

Planting and’maintenance will improve the flowering that can even become a real show when’they are planted by the dozens.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Narcissus
Family : Amaryllidaceae
Type: Bulb Spring

: 10 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : In February until May

Planting daffodils, jonquils:

Narcissus planted in the ground for a spring bloom:

Narcissus bulbs are planted from the month of September, October and November.

  • Make a hole’about 3 times the height of the bulb to protect the winter frosts.
  • Make sure the land is well drained and that’water does not stagnate in the bulb at the risk of rot
  • Plant Tens the same place to create true color tasks!
  • You can vary the exposure to the sun in order to’have different flowering periods.

Keep a spacing of 5 cm about and create more jobs by planting your bulbs per set of 8/10 bulbs.

  • You can also find our advice dedicated to planting bulbs

Narcissus pot for flowering in autumn or winter:

Florists offer pretty potted narcissus during the winter period.

We are out of classic flowering periods because the bulbs have been forced for it.

You can also daffodils to flower inside your home, from autumn to early spring.

  • In the month of September to January,
  • In a pot or cup, make a compost bed 3 or 4 cm.
  • Place 2 or 3 narcissus bulbs so they touch for a nice compact effect.
  • Cover with soil by leaving just the tips of the bulbs out.
  • Place all in a cool, obscure and relatively wet.
  • Once the leaves come out, put the cup in a bright place and a little less fresh (10-15 °)
  • A few days later you can put them in your home to enjoy flowering.

Pruning and maintenance narcissi, daffodils:

Not cut leaves that when’are many yellow because c’that's when’they constitute their reserves for’following year.

If you remove the foliage just after flowering narcissus, they may not fully push the following spring.

Potted narcissus:

The narcissus purchased and grown in pots are destined to flourish our interior in winter. It is difficult to keep them in their pot because they do not bloom again unless put out.

The end of flowering, it is useless to keep your potted daffodils because those flowers indoors only bloom once.

  • You can still put the bulbs in the ground outside for a flowering of’within 1 or 2 years but n’is not guaranteed.

Namely the narcissus, daffodil:

Narcissus, daffodil flower prettyNarcissus that’also improperly called Daffodil enchants our gardens as early as February.

Although narcissus flowering period is relatively short (about 15 days), you will appreciate these little colored tufts while tulips are not yet output.

Flowers emerge at the option of’sunshine. To extend the flowering period, n’Feel free to plant bulbs in less sunny areas in order to’enjoy up’in May.

Legend aside, narcissus comes from Greek mythology. Narcissus was a handsome young man who, having rejected the brutally’love of the nymph Echo, was punished by the gods and sentenced to n’love his own person (s’where narcissism)

Every day, he would then contemplate the reflection of his image in a fountain. One day he even tried the’kissing, drowned and turned into flower, narcissus.

Malignant Council on the narcissus, daffodil:

Once wilted, narcissus can be cut at ground level, he will leave the’Next year!

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