Myosotis pretty flower

The forget-me are pretty biennial or perennial depending on the variety and climate.

Often used in rock garden, border or border, c’is a plant that will reseed alone and sometimes becomes invasive.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Myosotis
Family : Boraginaceae
Type : Biennial or perennial

: 20 to 30 cm
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Rather rich and fresh

: Deciduous
Flowering : March to May

Plantation of forget-me:

For flowering in the spring, it is recommended planting perennial forget-me (salvatica for example) to’autumn in a mixture of soil, compost and possibly’organic amendment.

There spring planting is quite possible and even necessary for the Annual and biennial varieties.

With respect to seeding, prefer seedlings up starting in May and throughout the summer.

  • The forget-me likes sunny location but not hot
  • The soil should be fresh, well drained and enriched for planting
  • In poorly drained ground, forget-me might not pass the’winter

Size, maintenance of forget-me:

Remove faded flowers to As.

Once all the flowers and leaves wilted, you can remove the plant that often becomes unsightly.

Watering of forget-me:

  • In spring you can water if it does not rain for a long time
  • Pot or planter, provide a more regular watering
  • In the summer, water regularly during the hottest time

Namely the forget-me:

This pretty little perennial bouquets filled with blue flowers will fit in your borders, your border or rock garden but also hotpot and flower planter for balconies and terraces.

L’Maintenance is easy and fast growth for forget-me generously blooms throughout the spring.

Malignant Council on the forget-me:

Needless to overwater because the forget-me-n’not needed.