Mrier mothers and delicious berries

Mulberry offers delicious ripe provided the well’maintain.

Plantation, size and maintenance, these are the actions that will help you’have a nice ripe crop.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Rubus fruticosus
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Shrub orchard

: 1-3 m
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Rich enough

: Deciduous
Flowering : June-July
Harvest : August to October

Who does not know the brambles of our campaigns, the object in the month of’August of desire of our chefs and knowledgeable ranges?

Does not keep secretly and even jealously, the most fruiting sites, for s’there by secretly and to make blackberry jam or jelly blackberries of her dreams!

Choice of thornless blackberry bush:

You will find in the garden advice from professionals that will guide you on the best species.

Blackberry plant planting:

This plant preferably l’autumn, but also up’spring outside periods of freezing.

Mrier mothers and delicious berries

  • Maintain a distance’least one meter between each plant.
  • Five plants enough to gratify you very quickly to’a rich harvest for the whole family.
  • Choose sunny and Pale them.
  • Check our planting tips.

Ripe harvest:

The s shoots’year are those that bear fruit the’following year.

So be patient, mulberry you plant this year produces only the’following year, but the harvest will quickly become more abundant.

Malignant gardener you are s’therefore work to surround his mulberry full attention, d’so that’it will allow you to taste and enjoy d’excellent jams or jellies.

For an abundant harvest, choose’one of The most productive varieties as Apache, Dirksen, Smoothstern or Darrow.

Blackberry plant maintenance:

It is strongly advised to palisser mulberry as you’shows the pictures of our clever gardener.

  • Buy picket fence (T) of 2m.50, secure them in two lines spacing them of’one to two meters and connecting them with rebar diameters of the holes in your fence posts.Mrier mothers and delicious berries
  • As when they shoot, tie the stems of’year on the rebar with small cords.
  • No additional maintenance n’is required because the plant is not very sensitive to disease.

Size brambles Mulberry:

Pruning is done to’autumn or Winter in flush cutting ground rods have already borne fruit and jealously guarding the new shoots of’year.

Malignant Council about the bramble:

Cultivate ripe for your jams, your pies, crumbles your or your blackberry juice: the result is guaranteed!