Muguet planting flowering-1

Thrush n’is not just a pretty flower, it is also the symbol of the Labour party.

L’maintenance, planting to flowering is a game’child and a pleasure when’it is in bloom!

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Convallaria
Family : Asparagaceae
Type : VivaceĆ  bulb

Height : 15 to 25 cm
Exposure : Partial shade, shadow
Ground : Rich, well-drained humus

Flowering : April-May
Harvest : May 1!

Plantation thrush:

Thrush can crash to’autumn in regions with mild winters. But this in no way guarantees a flowering May 1 ...

You can also plant it in early spring, to March after the last winter frosts.

  • Planting thrush claws in just burying Raines so overtaken the bud
  • Thrush does not grow well if it is planted too deeply
  • Planting thrush in small groups for a beautiful effect lining
  • Count 15-20 claws per m2

If you to plant your lily’shadow as a forest, you will see that’it will multiply and advantageously flood this space.

  • Thrush needs’a rich and fresh soil
  • Thrush likes the woods
  • Make compost if needed

Planting potted lily:

If you have just’if you buy or offer pretty small thrush pot, it is possible to replant after flowering.

  • If your thrush likes where he is alone he will multiply to form a nice carpet in a few years

Maintenance thrush:

Thrush does not demand much care if n’is d’be watered during drought or severe heat

  • Thrush likes cool, keep this in’spirit
  • Watering in the evening if the soil is dry
  • Avoid over-watering the foliage, especially during hot weather

To know about thrush:

This perennial that symbolizes May 1, has a relatively short flowering period, which is a real headache for growers who must at all costs be delivered in bloom May 1st.

By varying the light primarily to delay or accelerate flowering, however, they will come to brighten our homes the day of Labor Day!

Malignant Council about thrush:

Avoid direct sunlight, thrush like freshness that’we will seek to’shadow!