Mrier plane a beautiful tree dombrage

Mulberry plane tree is a beautiful tree, both for its foliage but also for its beautiful appearance of’shaft’shading.

Easy to grow, it will soon become the’one of the most beautiful trees in your garden.

In short, that’you should know:

Name: Morus
Family: Moraceae

Height: 5-15 mr
Rather warm
Exhibition: Sunny

Soil: Ordinary, well drained
Flowering: June to September

Plant a mulberry tree:

Planting mulberry plane must be in a mixture of loam and garden soil in a sunny corner and ideally sheltered from strong winds.

  • It is recommended plant his mulberry fall but planting spring is quite possible if water well in the beginning.
  • Ensure protect the roots from the cold’winter with a mulching, especially at first, because they are sensitive to cold.

Mulberry Size:

No size is really necessary, especially since the growth is already slow enough ...

Mulberry will d’even more beautiful if you let take its natural form as c’is that’it is the most beautiful.

Namely the mulberry tree

The mulberry tree can be male or female. The male mulberry gives no fruits while the female gives. There are also sterile varieties which gives, by definition, no fruit

These fruits n’have little similar with the fruits of our campaigns brambles, if that’they try as much !

Watch Out! If you buy a female mulberry, avoid planting on a corner of your deck, do not rest in its shade or’to draw up a table covered’a beautiful white tablecloth!

  • Mulberry fruits are nevertheless edible quite juicy and very sweet.

If you choose a male mulberry, you can safely meditate under the deep green foliage, as it will bring the’desired shade during the summer heat.

Common diseases and pests in mulberry:

  • Scale insects: Fight and bio treatment

Malignant Council on the mulberry tree:

Better known under the midday sun, mulberry also grows very well on the Atlantic coast, provided the protection from strong winds.