Cherry fruit fly control & treatment

What’is commonly called the cherry fruit fly is a small fly that lays its eggs on cherries begin to ripen.

Typically, this occurs in late May to early June and can last up’in July.

Find our tips to effectively fight against cherry fruit fly, you will avoid seeing your damaged cherry harvest.

Symptoms of cherry fruit fly:

  • A small part of the icing begins to brown and then wither.
  • The fruit rots of’inside and’maggot from spawning appears.

What are the most affected varieties?

Yes, late fruiting varieties are generally more affected than early fruiting varieties.

What is the way to treat the fly?

  • First of’First, the most effective solution is to plant early varieties such as bigarreau, as the fruit matures before the fly is reached a great activity.
  • Install sulphate-based traps’ammonium to attract flies, also known as pheromone traps.
  • Spray a selective insecticide 100% natural = The rotenone

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