Brown rot, rot struggle fruits and treatment

Brown rot or fruit rot fungus is a pest of fruit trees that can have serious effects on the crop. 

It attacks the fruit that eventually rot. Also referred to fruit rot.

The only way to overcome this disease is s’to take after the fall fruits and leaves and again the following spring.

Conditions for the development of brown rot:

As most fungal diseases, the presence of’some moisture promotes its appearance.

Moniliasis usually appears in spring.

Most often affected fruit trees:

Most fruit can be affected.

Among them, we find Moniliasis in apple, the pear tree, the cherry, of quinces, the lemon, s’orange tree, the fish or the plum

Fruit rot symptoms:

Brown rot, rot struggle fruits and treatmentLight brown task appears to’First on the fruit which then softens, s’expands and eventually contaminate’whole fruit wilt and then finally rot.

The fruits are then greyish and grainy and remain hanging on’tree throughout the’winter if they are not removed.

It is then important to s’dispose and destroy.

In the photo we see apples affected by brown rot, it gives the’Indeed fruit rotting on’shaft.

Best way to fight against brown rot:

The fight against fruit rot occurs several times in the’year and begins the fall fruits and leaves.

  • Watch Out! Propagation is also by’air and so the fungus can overwinter on the branches to the leaves or fruit left on the trees.
  • Perform a spray to Bordeaux mixture to’autumn and winter by renewing the’operation 2 to 3 times at 15 days’interval.
  • In spring, there are also treatments with fenbucazonale, often sold under the’appellation fruit diseases
    On the’applies from the start of flowering order’avoid development of brown rot.
  • In the spring always after’appearance of the first fruits on’tree, clear.
    Delete why some branches in order to’avoid too abundant fruiting.
The fruits do not touch because it promotes the spread of the fungus.
  • Preventively:
    Upon’autumn leaves and pick fruit and burn them or dispose of them in an isolated place.
  • Curatively:
    Upon’onset of the disease, remove all diseased fruit.

Above all, avoid any injury on’shaft. If you find that’he was wounded, treat it immediately to the’Using’a wound sealant.

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