TPW you need to know

Leafminer the tomato is native to South America and made a first appearance in France in 2009, in the Drôme department and has since conquered’all of our regions.

Indeed, it has a great capacity for dispersion of which’it a frequent pest of tomatoes aujourd’hui.

Its Latin name is Tuta absoluta and is part of’order Lepidoptera.

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Cycle of the tomato leafminer:

TPW you need to knowThe tiny larvae miner s’to attack’First the leaves of tomato plants, stems and then tomato directly.

Then we distinguish galleries in leaves and stems but also tomatoes, especially when’they are still green. White spots on tomato leaves are then formed.

The tomato leafminer s’attack all plants of the family Solanaceae as the potato or’eggplant.

The leafminer larvae reproduce very quickly and can give birth up’10 generations in one season.

C’is that during its development’it operates on the plant to dig new tunnels.

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Treatment and fight against TPW:

Today, there is no curative treatment authorized against the tomato leafminer.

It is, however, possible to avoid its appearance protecting tomato crops.

  • The anti insect net against TPW:

The priority and the most effective means of control is the anti-insect mesh veil with 5 mm.

  1. Push the hoop so that the thread is not in contact with the tomatoes.
  2. Make sure there is no space even at ground level, more than 5 mm.
  3. You can remove the net after all risk of attack leafminer.
  • Destroy infested tomato plants:
  1. Prevention also requires the destruction of all infected plants.
  2. Do not put in compost as the larvae reappear elsewhere and make your compost unusable.
  3. Make sure you have ripped all because the slightest trace of remaining tomato leafminer can be enough to resurrect the parasite.
  • Weeding regularly around tomato plants
  • Use the auxiliary insectses bugs Nesidiocoris tenuis (Nesibug) and Macrolophus caliginosus (Mirical) found effective against eggs and young larvae 
  • Regular spraying manure rhubarb prevention have good results.
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Photo credits: Fredon Corsica