Hypericum natural sunlight

St. John's wort is an abundant flowering shrub and hardly requires any maintenance.

The yellow flowers is quite remarkable and brighten your garden or terrace.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Hypercum
Family : Hypericaceae
Type : Shrub

: 50 to 200 cm
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Rich enough

: Evergreen
Flowering : May to October

Plantation St. John's wort:

It is recommended to plant to’autumn to facilitate’rooting. But you can also plant spring, on condition’Generously sprinkle the beginning and’following summer when it is dry and hot.

Container you can plant in spring or summer condition’water regularly.

  • Prefer a sunny location
  • Choose a place where you can admire flowering because its yellow flowers bring good mood!
  • Follow us planting tips.

Size wort:

Trim the end of the’winter or early spring before the first buds n’appear to promote flowering.

Annual pruning n’is not necessary but giving a blow shears every 2 or 3 years will allow you to keep your wort compact port.

Namely St. John's wort:

Hypericum natural sunlightVery beautiful shrub with yellow flowers very characteristic, St. John's wort is a plant recognized in herbal medicine against depression !

His name, St. John's wort, means thousand holes. He comes from the’common species Hypericum perforatum has small translucent glands. If you watch the leaves transparency, you will notice a multitude of micro perforations.

Culture and’easy maintenance, hardiness will allow you to’have very good results.

Rockwork, solid d’shrubs or even pot or pan, you will put it where you can admire the more light that’it gives off and the beauty of its flowers.

It is found as St. John's wort shrub or ground cover making it an ideal shrub for both the growing crop that’pot.

Most wort are herbs.

Malignant Council on St. John's wort:

It should also be a hedge where his fast-growing quickly bring the’opacity you want.

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