Mildew control and bioremediation

Well known as the’enemy No. 1 Vine, mildew is indeed a constant threat to the grape harvest, but also for some garden vegetables such as tomatoes or potatoes.

A preventive and regular treatment should ensure a good harvest without mildew.

Mildew symptoms:

Downy mildew is characterized d’first by’appearance of some tasks on the leaves to spread gently to’all the foliage.

  • He s’is d’fungus disease that primarily affects Vine, tomatoes and potatoes.
  • Of the brown patches are formed in places on the leaves, they turn brown and fall completely

Favorable conditions for the development of late blight:

Mildew particularly like hot and humid conditions and dense foliage that leave little pass the’air and light.

  • L’Moisture is the main factor favoring its development.
  • Since most fungal attacks, mildew will more easily tend to spread after rain.
  • Spaced and airy plant limit the spread of late blight

Organic Anti Mildew Treatment:

There are bios treatment quite effective in controlling and treating mildew.

  • There Bordeaux mixture is the only effective preventive measure against mildew.
  • Regular application early in the spring and autumn is required.
  • Treatment s’applied throughout the growing cycle.
  • Treat at regular intervals, on average every 15 days and after rain.
  • If’attack, only curative treatment called anti-mildew can s’be effective.

Other diseases and treatments:

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