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Marjoram is a delicate and very aromatic plant, flavorful and easy to grow. It is ideal for flavoring dishes.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Origanum vulgare and majorana
Family : Lamiaceae
Type : Herb, perennial

: 40 to 60 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary and light

: Evergreen

Flowering : Summer
Harvest : May to November

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Sowing, growing marjoram:

Sowing marjoram place ideally in early spring, to the March, under shelter. You repiquerez in the ground at the end of the ice saints in the middle of May.

If you want to direct seed up, whether in the ground or in garden herbs, also expect the middle of May in order to’avoid the risk of late frost.

In any case, perform a thinning about 10 cm to allow young people the most vigorous plants room to grow properly.

  • Marjoram loves the sun
  • The soil must be well drained, light and rather dry

Harvesting marjoram, oregano:

You can pick the marjoram leaves as and when you need them.

Prefer picking the morning as c’At this time of day that you keep the best of its flavor and aromas.

About marjoram, oregano:

Marjoram, oregano very aromatic-1Marjoram n’do not like the’moisture combined with cold winter and so it is best to plant it on a slight hill.

It n’not like the cold and c’Therefore, although perennial, it is home grown as an annual.

Very aromatic, marjoram is particularly suitable for stews and marinades but also to pizza when’it is dried.

L’oregano gardens, the’other name marjoram himself is less aromatic than marjoram

  1. Health: benefits and virtues of’oregano

Malignant Council about marjoram:

The persistence of foliage makes a perfect garden marjoram plant, border, or for your pots and planters.

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