Name : Aesculus hippocastanum
Family : Spindacées
Type : Tree

Height : 15 to 45 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Rich and fees

Foliage : Deciduous
Flowering : May

Planting chestnut:

There planting is usually in the month’October when the first chestnuts begin to sprout.

They grow very fast and’rooting before’winter will be d’especially favored.

You can ETTLEMENT germinate chestnuts in pots during’winter or proceed with the establishment in spring.

Size chestnut:

Since No size n’is necessary.

To know about the chestnut:

It is known to all as it is found in all regions of’hexagon.

It has the’advantage of growing up very quickly, offer a beautiful flowering spring and’Brown to offer’fall (except for chestnut double flowers that give no fruit).

Chestnut, while common, is a must in our parks and our gardens!

Malignant Council on the chestnut:

With your children, do germinate in a brown glass containing potting soil. Water it and let it grow.

In the spring it will be ready to go down!