Magnolia remarkable flowering

Magnolia is’one of the finest spring-flowering trees.

Qu’it is deciduous or evergreen was clad with spectacular flowers at the end of’winter.

In short, that’you should know:

Name Magnolia
Family : Magnoliaceae
Type : Tree

Height : 5 to 15 m
Exposure : Sunlight to partial shade
Ground : Rich and fees

Foliage : Deciduous or evergreen depending on the species
Flowering : April and was among varieties and regions

Magnolia Plantation:

It is recommended planting magnolia the early’autumn to promote’rooting before’Winter and thus the recovery in the spring.

  • If you plant in winter, Avoid freezing periods.

For evergreen species, you can easily planted in the spring.

In any case, would prefer a location not too hot l’summer or too humid l’winter.

  • At planting, provide a regular watering in spring
  • It needs’be sprayed under high heat.

Once planted,

  • Mulch s foot’tree to keep the’moisture and prevent weed growth.
  • The pine bark are ideal.

Multiplication magnolia:

You can practice cuttings in the summer and then the layering in the spring.

Maintenance and cultural issues:

Requires little magnolia’maintenance and resists very well to disease although some tips to help you’a better flowering:

  • Mulch the foot with bark to maintain the level of’acidity needed
  • If it does not flower, remove some soil up’the roots and fill with ericaceous

Size magnolia:

No size n’is really essential but if you want reduce or balance or remodel the branches, do it after flowering or in’fall.

Pruning possible in winter to balance the branches. Note that characterizes most magnolia c’is its natural shape and that’so it is important to preserve it by not unbalance the branches.

  • Remove dead branches and the most fragile branches as.

Namely the magnolia:

Magnolia remarkable floweringMagnolia is famous and even inspired some artists!

It is remarkable for its beautiful blooming and generous that varies from pure white to pinkish white and pink.

We find among the magnolias trees but also shrubby varieties, ideal for small gardens.

Note also that’there Two main types of magnolias:

- Magnolias  Deciduous that bloom in early spring, before’leaf appearance

- Evergreen magnolia whose flowers appear the’summer forming large inflorescences tulip shaped 25 cm by 20 cm in diameter.

Council clever to magnolia:

The maritime pine bark bring to this tree the’acidity they need to thrive and help keep the’humidity.

For more’efficiency, also mulch the’was on a layer of 4-5 cm.