Mahonia beautiful in winter

Oregon grape is a shrub beautiful during’winter.

L’maintenance, planting to pruning, you ensure strong growth and a pretty flower.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Mahonia
Family : Berberidaceae
Type : Shrub
Height : 1 to 2 m

: Sunny, partial shade and shadow
Ground : Ordinary
Foliage : Evergreen
Flowering : January-April

Oregon grape planting:

Plant your Mahonia to’autumn or until’spring but avoiding periods of frost.

If you must planted in the sun Avoid too hot or prefer it a place light shade.

  • L’No sunshine’is not necessary
  • He likes cool soils rich in humus
  • Check our shrub planting tips.

Pruning and maintenance of Oregon grape:

No size n’is truly indispensable.

If you want reduce or reshape the branches, trim your mahonias after flowering period.

To know about Oregon grape:

Mahonia beautiful in winterOriginating’Asia or’North America, the mahonias have over 70 species including aquifolium, bealii, hybrid media, japonica, and lomariifolia wagneri.

NameĀ Mahonia was awarded in the’honor of the American botanist Bernard Mc Mahon.
The French name of this shrub is officially a mahonie.

The spectacular flowering Mahonia makes the’a rare shrubs to provide such floral bouquets during’winter.
D’appearance very decorative, this shrub spicy, leathery foliage will delight you throughout the’year

Mulch s foot’shrub to maintain a certain humidity and also d’prevent weed growth.

L’Watering must be regular but limited the first year.

Malignant Council on the Oregon grape:

Plant at the foot of’tree daffodils or tulips to create beautiful winter colors tasks.

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