Lupin beautiful colors-1

Lupine is a perennial that offers beautiful especially generous and abundant flowering. With the color palette available lupins you give a nice decorative touch to your massive

L’Maintenance is relatively easy for this plant with large flower spikes. From planting to flowering, here are the gestures’maintenance for good growth.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Lupinus
Family : Fabaceae
Type : Vivace

Height : 60 to 120 cm
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Little Limestone

Flowering : Spring-Summer

Planting lupine:

It is recommended to plant lupines in l’autumn or spring favoring the creation of small clumps of 3-4 feet per m2.

  • Multiplication is easy by division of the tuft to’fall. It is even recommended’perform a division every 4 or 5 years to rejuvenate the tufts.

In all cases, choose sunny but not burning or partially shaded.

Maintenance of lupine

Lupin beautiful colors-1Lupins are easy but have some requirements, especially the’summer. Indeed, the Soil should stay fresh so you have to put a Mulching foot your plants to keep the’humidity and a certain freshness.

In case of extreme heat or prolonged drought, n’please sprinkle generously, the evening in order to’avoid’evaporation during the day.

Once the withered stems, cut to the shortest in order to promote blossoms in’fall.

In winter, cut short leaves and wilted flowers.

Namely on lupins:

Formed of upright and tight clusters of 50 to 60 cm tall, this plant s’fits very well with the massive and wild gardens.

Flowering is generous and will put a lot of color and delight to your garden, especially flowerbeds and borders.

Lupins s’also fit perfectly with bouquets, all it takes is to cut the flower stalk at the base of the stem.

Cultivated lupins for over 4,000 years in order to’use their seeds, rich in protein, in’animal feed. But beware, many species are toxic and therefore should not be consumed.

Malignant Council on lupine:

Lupin tend to multiply when alone’it is planted, n’so feel free to cut a few bunches to make beautiful bouquets!