Honeysuckle Lonicera standishii a shrub winter

Shrubby honeysuckle, Lonicera standishii is a must for winter flowering shrubs.

L’Maintenance is easy and foliage, such as flowering, very decorative.

In short, that’you should know:

NameLonicera standishii
: Caprifoliaceae
: Shrub

Height : 1 to 2 m
: Sunlight
: Ordinary

: Deciduous or evergreen
Flowering : May to October depending on species

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Plantation shrubby honeysuckle, Lonicera standishii:

Honeysuckle plant to l’autumn but can also be planted up’spring. Apart from these two periods, avoid frost or high temperatures.

  • It needs’So a well-drained soil avoid the’backwater
  • The soil should stay cool even in summer

Side location, choose a sunny exposure

  • A partially shaded situation is quite suitable

Pruning and maintenance shrub honeysuckle, Lonicera standishii:

No size n’is really necessary, your Honeysuckle can never be cut.

  • If you want to remodel your honeysuckle or rebalance its branches, wait until flowering.

When your honeysuckle begins to thin, it is also possible’perform a severe beating, he will walk away with a vengeance

  • Severe pruning, if it occurs, s’performed at the end of’winter, after flowering

Namely the shrubby honeysuckle Lonicera standishii:

Shrubby honeysuckle Lonicera nitida or is a bushy shrub that offers a delicately scented flowering in winter.

This shrub gives indeed white flowers  who come to decorate our gardens in winter, whether in the ground or in full pot.

The foliage is evergreen but may be semi-evergreen depending on the climate, so do not be suprpris if it loses its leaves.

Council clever about the shrubby honeysuckle, Lonicera standishii:

Honeysuckle shrub is also perfectly suited to the formation of hedges.

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