Lis martagon exceptional flower bulb

Turk's cap lily is a protected bulbous flower and remarkable quite exceptional with its flowering but also its foliage.

Botanical Lis par excellence, it is part of the plants’except that any collector likes to have in his garden

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Lillium martagon
Family : Lily
Type : Flower bulbous

Height : 50 to 100 cm
: Sunny and part shade
: Ordinary wet

Flowering : June to September

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Turk's cap lily planting:

Turk's cap lily is native to the mountains and resistant to cold but it is better for planting, d’avoid periods of frost.

  • The lily bulb to plant s’autumn to spring avoiding periods of extreme cold.
  • Planting bulbs is about 10-15 cm deep or 2 to 3 times the height of the bulb
  • Keep a d-spacing’at least 15 cm and have tufts of 4-5 bulbs.
  • For your terrace, you can plant it in a pot with’fall.
  • If clay or wetland, follow our tips to overcome the problem

Maintenance and size of the Turk's cap lily:

L’Lis Martagon maintenance is easier because no care n’is really needed.

C’is a plant that stays in place’year to year and n’no need’... be disturbed.

Just cut the rod under the faded flowers.

Namely the Turk's cap lily:

The Turk's cap lily is a protected plant in parts of France, including mountain where the gathering is prohibited in order to preserve it.

On the’appreciated for its beautiful flowering, remarkable in its pink to purple purple speckled.

From the beginning of the’summer, Martagon lilies wafts its delicate fragrance sweet and brightens gardens and terrace of its beautiful inflorescences.

Note that the name comes from the martagon’Spanish Martago which is the name given to Mars, god of war.

Malignant Council on the Turk's cap lily:

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