Liquidambar flamboyant autumn

Sweetgum tree is a beautiful, especially at’autumn when’it puts on its most beautiful colors, red light, orange and yellow.

Also called sweetgum d’America, it is more’easy maintenance and will soon become the’one of the most beautiful trees in your garden.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Liquidambar styraciflua
Family : Hamamelidaceae
Type : Tree

: 10 to 30 m
Ground : Ordinary

Climate : Temperate hot
Exposure : Sunlight
Foliage : Deciduous

Sweetgum plantation:

It is recommended plant Liquidambar from the’autumn to promote’rooting before’winter.

You can also plant spring subjects purchased container.

  • Prefer an open area to fully appreciate the wonderful silhouette of sweetgum.
    L’sunshine is almost essential for the full color palette that’he proposes.
  • Sweetgum likes deep soils but likes in any type of soil.
  • Good Mulching a few centimeters in height desired.

Size sweetgum:

Sweetgum n’that is not a tree’must be cut unless you are forced to.

  • Size n’is not recommended.
  • To delete as dead branches, fragile or damaged.

Watering sweetgum:

During the first years of his life, sweetgum necessitates regular watering.

In addition to the mulch that will maintain a good level of’humidity, do not hesitate to’water under high heat.

Namely the sweetgum:

Needless to say much more than that the Liquidambar is a marvel at’autumn with its purple hues Unique to ignite your garden.

Originating’North America, it also takes away its name D sweetgum’America.

D’easy maintenance, its well cut foliage and fall colors make the’one of the most beautiful trees throughout the’year.

Malignant Council on the sweetgum:

Growth is relatively slow.

L’contribution of’fertilizer but does not promote, however, a regular amendment based manure and seaweed actively assist in the orderly development of’shaft.