Lilac shrub of any beauty

Lilac Flowers and perfumes from the beginning of spring and making it the’one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs.

Care and Maintenance, here are our tips for a beautiful lilac.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Syringa vulgaris
Family : Oleaceae
Type : Shrub
Height : 2 to 5 m

Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Rich enough
Foliage : Deciduous
Flowering : April to June

Plantation lilac:

Planting period lilac:

It is preferable lilac plant¬†to’autumn to promote the’rooting.

But like most shrubs purchased in the container, you can plant the throughout the’year on condition’accentuate’watering if you decide to plant in the spring or during’summer.

Although planting lilac:

Lilac is quite undemanding as to soil type but if you want to improve flowering, follow our planting tips.

  • Lilac appreciate good sunny situations to flower well.
  • A rich soil, well drained enhance the development and renewal of lilac flowers.
  • Mix the soil of your garden with potting soil.
  • L’contribution of’an amendment manure type and algae promote recovery and development of your lilac.

If you want create a lilac hedge, following distance of 2m each foot to make room for each lilac to develop.

  • For all your shrubs, follow our planting tips.

Multiplication lilac:

The cuttings Lilac is the easiest way to multiply your lilac.

Pruning and maintenance lilac:

Lilac shrub of any beautyThere size lilac is controversial, some of the recommended while’others advise against.

The solution is certainly between the two is better not to prune lilacs too harshly but favor a good annual refresh.

C’thus guaranteeing see your lilac bloom of’every year due to the size and the few gestures’interview here.

Although pruning lilac:

  • Lilac waist period is after flowering, when the flowers have faded
  • Slightly cut the branches that have flowered after flowering.
  • For correct length size, pretend branches were for a bouquet of flowers.

Maintenance lilac:

Once in place lilac requires little care and blooms of’year by year but some gestures’maintenance will extend its beautiful flowers and make it brighter.

  • L’contribution of’fertilizer for flowering shrub is recommended at the end of’winter. Buried a handful’fertilizer at the foot of lilac.
  • Regular watering during hot weather or prolonged drought is preferable.

Diseases and parasites common lilac:

Although’pretty rustic Disease Resistant, we see still some Pests and Diseases in lilac.

And we see some fungi such as mildew powdery or attacks scale insects l’summer.

  1. Mildew: struggle and bio treatment
  2. Cochineal: struggle and bio treatment

Lilac is also a victim of’powdery mildew, usually at the end of’summer when moisture mixes with the summer heat.

  1. Powdery mildew: struggle and bio treatment

Finally, among the Pests, Night butterflies represent the main threat to lilac.

Namely the lilac:

Lilac shrub of any beautyLilac is a shrub to flowering beautiful and generous, shaped clusters very fragrant.

It will enchant your garden in the spring, attract birds and early spring foraging bees.

Lilac can measure up to 6-7 meters high but it generally reaches 3-4 m.

Its foliage is deciduous, whatever the region and climate and beautiful small green leaves offer clear, simple, not tough.

The flowers are borne on clusters that’thyrse called and offer delicate fragrance and a characteristic color which gave its name to the lilac. Some varieties of lilacs are double flower but c’is more rare

We also meet again in lilac’inside our homes in the form of cut flowers where it forms beautiful bouquets.

Lilac is’One of the most often planted in our garden shrubs, mainly for its fragrance and its great decorative power.

Lilac gave its name to the Porte des Lilas.

Malignant Council on lilac:

To have beautiful flowers, spread a bag of autumn loam mixed with a fertilizer for flowers at the foot of’shaft.

You can also use the ashes your fireplace throughout the’winter, this will improve flowering in spring.

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