Liane trumpet, Solandra maintenance

The trumpet creeper, also called Solandra amazes with its magnificent bloom.

L’maintenance, size, are easy and the result is often beautiful.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Solandra maxima
Family : Solanaceae
Type : Shrub, vine

5 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Rich enough

: Evergreen
Flowering : May to September

Planting the vine trumpet

Preferably in the spring.
Choose a sheltered, warm and sunny.

  • Follow our tips planting shrubs.

Size of the vine trumpet

No size n’is essential.
If you want to improve flowering, prune lightly to the end of the’winter.

Namely the vine trumpet

The trumpet vine is a climbing shrub native to Mexico.
The bloom is beautiful and the flowers, trumpet-shaped, are of’a rare elegance.

L’maintenance of this shrub is easy and readily climb along’a trellis or’a palisade.

Malignant Council about the creeper trumpet

Do cultivate Solandra if you benefit’a mild climate because this shrub feared heavy prolonged freezing.

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