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With their bells that give them a false air of foxgloves, penstemons (also called galanes) bring their bright colors for summer ranges: they are in bloom from May to October.

From North America, the penstemons remain relatively unknown in France. Still, there are a hundred varieties of this perennial shrub that can take or creeping form. The first is ideal in massive, with its long and colorful flowering; the second dresses or rock walls lightly.

All have a wide range of colors, from white to red through pink and blue. The stronger is the perennial hybrid that blends well in mass with roses, agapanthus, bluebells, asters, lavender ... It is also good cut flowers.

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Good growing conditions of penstemon:

The penstemons are planted in sun or partial shade, in fresh, rich and well drained.

The creeping species are sown in February-March in pots under glass or cold frame; shrub planting out is in April-May, they measure 10 to 90 cm depending on the species.

The creeping species need a fertile, well drained soil, while the shrub are amenable to a poor and stony ground.

The galanes withstand relatively well the cold, up to 15 ° C for more robust, but they fear the stagnant moisture. Space the plants of about thirty centimeters.

Care is reduced: Remove faded flowers to as to promote flowering and fold the leaves in spring, not winter, where they play a protective role for the plant.

Hardy varieties of penstemons

Among the most hardy species, "Jingle Bells" and "Coccineus" have scarlet tubular flowers, with vigorous stems surrounded by leaves in a rosette at the base.

"Husker's Red ' is a vigorous perennial with white flowers in elongated bells. If you are looking for a rock garden plant, try the penstemon hirsitus pygmaeus, purple flowers with white heart, which does not exceed 15 cm.

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