Gardening tools gardener perfect

The right tools

Even if the right tools are not good gardener, it prevents ... The job is easier when you are well equipped!

Choosing good tools adapted to your soil, but also to your body, if your strength is not as simple as it seems. Especially since the onslaught of new manufacturers make to better serve you.

Starting with the basic tools.

The garden tools

There spade is essential. Some have a ledge to set foot, which greatly facilitates the gesture. If you run out of power, or if the soil is very heavy and stony prefer garden fork. There are small lightweight forks for small areas. And if the land is light, content with the Grelinette (Also called "bio fork") that can lift and aerate the soil without spilling, do not hustling microorganisms and earthworms. But heavy going, it will not suffice.

The rake is essential to level the floor after digging and cleaning plant debris.

Some manufacturers make a very smart proposal: the same handle, short, long or telescopic interchangeable for all tools. So you choose the type of handle and length according to your template and use and comfort is always assured.

The hoes have several functions. The long-handled hoe used for weed without being folded in half. The scraper has a sharp blade which cuts the collar weeds. Some hoes have a blade with two cutting edges, others are used to dig furrows ...

The secateurs is the tool at all times; we keep it in his pocket for all cleaning and minor works size.

Finally, the wheelbarrow ! How do without it? Wood, metal, plastic ... Essential.

In addition to the perfect gardener

In addition to these basic tools to the gardener, a whole host of smaller instruments facilitate the work in the flower beds or the pleasure garden: dibble, hoe, claw, transplanter... And the indispensable watering can.

To maintain the trees, remove dead wood, carve, theébrancheur is perfect for cutting thick branches, where the shears will be powerless. Some models are also equipped with a multiplier that can cut without much effort. Their long sleeves (sometimes telescopic) also facilitate the work.

Further, the Tree Saw slips easily between the branches with its narrow blade and helps remove unwanted branches.

M.-C. Danger