The bulbs delight dt garden

A wide variety of forms, a beautiful color palette, the bulbs of summer contribute to the brilliance of the garden throughout the summer and well into the fall.

A wide range of bulbs available to you for the summer season:

  • the dahlias
  • the Begonias
  • the lily
  • the cannas
  • the crocosmias
  • the gladioli...

Many alliances of shapes and colors are possible.

Plant the bulbs of’summer after the last frost, from March to late May.

The bulbs delight dt gardenIn the garden, plant your bulbs at a depth equal to twice their height. Make sure the bulbs are planted roots down. Cover them with soil and mark the location to be able to identify it later.

In cases of massive planting, the bulbs with long stems like dahlias and lilies are planted in the background. Mix them with small bulbs like dwarf gladioli and dahlias or the Eucomis.

In bins, planters or pots, the only tall flowers planted must be staked to prevent the stems break.

Discover the Black Dahlia Chat

The bulbs delight dt gardenSurprising, but also versatile in decor and easy to grow, he was elected bulb in 2010 at the initiative of the Information Center of flower bulbs. Make it a place in the garden.

Floriferous and generous like all dahlias, the Black Cat is characterized by its dark color and its very large double flowers, spiky petals and regular.

Enjoyed solid, it's bouquet you enjoy the best of his luminous flower available with a plain or two-tone shades.

Dahlia Black Cat is very durable, has a good life, and is not sensitive to wind.

Multiply stews for terrace and balcony

Dwarf species are most suitable for pots because they hold well and produce a beautiful effect. Lilies and dwarf dahlias and agapanthus, the calla lily and Eucomis are perfect for these productions.

Tips for your potted plants:

  • Fill the container halfway with a mixture of soil.
  • Put several bulbs per pot by size. Make sure that the roots of the bulbs are run down and the bulbs are not touching.
  • Cover them and finish filling the clay pot.
  • Place the potted bulbs in a sunny location for better flowering.
  • Water regularly to keep them moist pots.

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