Shrubs that bloom winter

Although few, the winter-flowering shrubs are among the most remarkable.

They specificity bloom when most plants are at rest.

Finally, these shrubs attract the eye and give a touch of color and fun to your garden.

Flowering n’is not their only advantage:

  • These shrubs also have the good idea promote’ecosystem when the flora and fauna are somewhat sleepy ...
  • If the plants put on their most beautiful colors, c’is also s’attract insects favors and birds involved in the reproduction of the species through pollination.
  • Thus, blooming when there is the least’species in bloom, these shrubs draw their game and are among the best pollinated species !

The most beautiful shrubs to bloom in winter:

The mimosa is’One of the most famous for its beautiful golden yellow dress, but unfortunately not shoot n’anywhere. It has indeed need’a relatively mild climate to bloom as early as January or February.

The Oregon grape with its beautiful yellow berries, the’Witch Hazel , whose flowers are beautiful or the chimonanthe offer every 3 d’Other shades of yellow to brighten your garden.

The japonica have your favors for a terrace or balcony, because it can just as well s’adapt to growing in pots in a hedge where he fit right in.

There shrubby germander, whose flowering occurs at the end of’Winter and extends well into the spring, catches the eye with soft blue flowers and gives a lot of sweetness to your clumps’shrubs or your terrace.

To put a tip’originality in your garden, n’Please choose Garrya whose long white flowers as much surprise that’they can be admired.

Finally, the parrotie of Persia, is the only true tree of our selection.
Its foliage is d’a single currency and green through the seasons.
It blooms from January to March and is the delight of our friends pen.

And image ...

Shrubs that bloom winter
Shrubs that bloom winter
Shrubs that bloom winter

Shrubby germander
Shrubs that bloom winter
Witch Hazel
Shrubs that bloom winter
Parrotie Persian
Shrubs that bloom winter
Shrubby willow
Shrubs that bloom winter
Shrubs that bloom winter
Shrubs that bloom winter
  • Find a selection of’winter-flowering shrubs

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