The balls of clay not only dcoratives

The ball of’Clay is a substrate for use in organic agriculture.

It has the distinction of’be extremely stable and durable.

Thanks to a 100% mineral composition, the product is both useful for drainage, potting, but also for decoration!

Use of beads’clay:

The beads’clays have many use both to decorate as to improve the life of potted plants.

  1. Drainage: All you need is a layer of 3-4 centimeters bottom of the container (jar, box, planter) to’improving’aeration, to protect the roots and thus promote the development of the plant.
  2. Repotting: To’improve the proper root development, it may be appropriate to mix your special potting soil with balls’clay up to 10% of the total volume.
  3. Decoration: For all of your plants’inside, but also for your pots and pans of’outside of the ball’Clay is extremely decorative. Surface to a thickness of 3-4 cm, they fall squarely within the color of plants.

Malignant Council about balls’clay:

By using this substrate as mulch, you avoid the’evaporation and the growth of weeds.

This limits the number of’watering and the’pesticide use, and do your bit for sustainable development.