The beautiful umbels lagapanthe

Blue or white, in the ground or in pots, plant agapanthus! With their different varieties, all regions can benefit.

Its name means "Flower of love" Greek: agapanthus, elegant with its umbels perched on tall stems, is known for its flowers of a beautiful azure blue or indigo, which were the inspiration Monet.

Reported toSouth Africa by the Dutch in the seventeenth century, it is popular in the mild climate regions Noon and Britain head as deemed chilly.

But new hybrids came changer as "Headbourne" that can withstand cold down to minus 20 ° C.

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Planting and Care’agapanthe

Planting agapanthus is best done in spring or early fall.

Choose variety suited to your climate :

  • evergreen in mild climates,
  • Deciduous elsewhere.

The beautiful umbels lagapantheInstall your plants the sun in well-drained soil, not too close to trees that would overshadow them.

You can also plant them in pots in a mixture of 1/3 garden soil, 1/3 loam to pelargoniums and third river sand on a thick layer of clay balls.

Water them regularly the first year (wait for the dry land between waterings) and cover with a winter sailing the first two years.

Every spring, bring a high potash fertilizer, ash and compost for example.

After flowering, cut flowers close to the ground, they will leave the following spring.

Variations’blue agapanthus

Bloom throughout the summer, theagapanthe looks good solid associated with grasses, summer bulbs ...

Use the blue agapanthus to enhance the water of a pond or shutters, table or chairs color blue ...

Combine their other plants that bloom in blue or purple: feet lavender, Perovskia, Nepeta... Or play the romantic contrast to phlox, gaura and other roses pink flowers.

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