Shale, mulching dco

Shale is a decorative mineral mulch very long and covering whose aesthetic features are excellent.

He s’is actually slate gravel and can find a place in our gardens and walkways.

Benefits of shale:

  • Highly decorative mulch
  • Durable: unalterable, fireproof, rot-proof and resistant to all weather conditions (rain, wind, etc ...)
  • Neutral pH.
  • Saves watering by limiting’evaporation.
  • Prevents growth of weeds.
  • Protects against frost

With all these advantages,

  • you stimulate root development and thus the growth of your plants.
  • You will enjoy’a more abundant flowering and’an even more beautiful garden!

Purple brown and very stable over the years, it is particularly suitable for mulching all massifs: Trees, shrubs, green and flowering plants,’inside of’outside.

Malignant Council on shale:

This mulch has many’benefits, but not to fertilize the soil.

Underlayment, so you can put a layer of cocoa shells and you will benefit from all the advantages!

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