Dandelion weed not quune

Dandelion is by far the best known of the wild flowers of our temperate regions.

We can enjoy throughout the season from March to November but admittedly, April is by far the most beautiful.

Everyone knows, maybe even the bottom of his garden, the magical show of pastures dotted with thousands of dandelions blooming?

What mom, what daddy did not receive a gift of her children adorably a bouquet consists of dandelions on the day of Mother's Day or that of fathers?

Take time to admire the flowers bright yellow on which our friends come foraging bees in their first show of the hive after the long winter months.

Reproduction of dandelion

The dandelion naturally sown to the winds, sometimes to the dismay of gardeners too perfectionist, but let his admirable fragrant bouquets the time of their first bloom!

The April flowering is finished, it will always be possible to fold them with a light surface weeding that will not compromise flowering the following spring.

Dandelion can also rejoice at your table

Very early in the season, local markets offer dandelion greens for salads.
To pick them in the lawn of our gardens as early as March but after that date, their bitter taste takes away a lot of interest.

It takes sometimes a lot of observation to spot because you really have to pick them as they arise.

  • cut them to the birth of the root,
  • wash with plenty ....
  • prepare the salad with shallots, diced Conté and a very sweet vinaigrette.

Dandelion jelly, delicious and original

The "frozen" dandelion can even satisfy the taste buds of children on their breakfast sandwiches.

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Without being too bulky dandelions will then become your friends ...