Compost utility and explanations

Fashion or true ecological solution for your plants and your garden?

The compost meets definitely the strong infatuation that’known for Bio and respect for’general environment while providing real alternative to chemicals and fertilizers.

But what truly serves compost?

Compost is a true biological fertilizers:

Through the decomposition of our own organic wastes, we are able to produce organic fertilizer worthy of the best ways to feed and care for our plants.

Sorting has become a habit for each of’us:

Now adopted by most cities, sorting enabled us’learn to sort and select the waste according to their origin and destination.

It became easy to separate plant and animal waste in order to’make your own compost.

Make compost has to’Other benefits:

Making compost is therefore a ecological gesture improving plant life and reduces the volume of household waste.

But c’is also a great source’economy because the compost easily replaces fertilizer, can be expensive, as’found in the trade.

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