The snowball pretty flowers in spring

The snowball viburnum or Cramp is a beautiful shrub, popular in our gardens for its beautiful flowers.

The planting,’Maintenance and size are widely involved in the good growth of snowball viburnum.

In short, that’you should know:

NameViburnum opulus
Family : Caprifoliaceae
Type : Shrub
: 2 to 5 m

Exposure : Sunlight to partial shade
Ground : Ordinary, well drained
Foliage : Deciduous
Flowering : April to June

Planting Snowball:

Preferably l’autumn or spring for subjects purchased pot or container.

  • Follow the advice of planting shrubs.

During the early years after planting, n’please water regularly to facilitate the recovery and growth of’shrub.

To multiply your viburnum, wait until the’was for a cuttings aoûtées rods or so simply by layering

Size snowballs:

No size n’is really needed.
Wait end of flowering if you want reduce or balance the branches.

  • Find our size advice shrubs

To know about the snowball viburnum:

The snowball viburnum, also called Obier, is a beautiful flowering shrub that is as beautiful as spring foliage in’fall.

In flowering hedge, isolated or in massif’shrubs, it is d’a culture and’a very easy maintenance.

Among the viburnum, is also found viburnum viburnum tinus or, well known in our gardens, but also the Viburnum Watanabe whose flowering lasts very long, from May to October.

Malignant Council on the snowball:

Avoid at all costs too exposed to the burning sun situations.

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