A sweet fragrance lavender in Provence

Lavender evokes’summer, the Mediterranean and its peculiar odor.

The planting,’maintenance, the size involved in flowering and growth of theĀ lavender.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Lavandula
Family : Lamiaceae
Type : Shrub, subshrub

: 20 to 80 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

: Evergreen
Flowering : June to August

  • Health: benefits and virtues of lavender

Planting lavender:

Lavender grows everywhere in France and in countries where the climate is similar benefit provided’a maximum’sunshine.

  • It is recommended to plant to’autumn, but you can plant it without problems spring.

Book him a place sunny and well-drained soil. If your soil is heavy clay, mix with sand there for’lighten up.

  • Follow us planting tips.

Sometimes the’we see lavender die after a few weeks because the soil is too wet c’Therefore it is imperative’have a very well drained soil.

For the realization of’a lavender hedge, plant a foot every 30 to 40 cm.

Size of lavender:

There size of lavender is possible but should be made on woods yet with foliage. If you prune on dry wood, it will not grow back ...

  • At the end of’winter, trim your way respecting the rounded shape of the plant.
    Do you still tackle old wood because it develops very few young shoots.
    So prefer a size softwood yet rather than hardwood.
  • If the climate in your area is mild in winter, see also prune your lavender in’autumn.
  • After flowering, cut flower stems not to exhaust lavender unnecessarily.

The flowers of lavender, once cut are an excellent way of’embalm laundry ...

Conservation of lavender:

Lavender can be stored for months or even years if maintained in a dry place and the’shelter from sunlight.

  • L’ideal is to suspend the flower spikes with small bouquet to dry before storing
  • Our grandmothers sewed small cotton bags filled with lavender to scent linen in wardrobes

Namely Lavender:

A sweet fragrance lavender in Provence

Lavender is cultivated for thousands of years for its scent but also for its medicinal properties.

Very nice plant, subshrub symbolizes Provence, the Mediterranean perfume and sun.

On the’once used to store clothes and perfume the baths, but it comes aujourd’hui delight our rock gardens, flower beds and massive.

On the’used naturally in the composition of perfumes and’essential oils, particularly in the fatty area.

D’easy maintenance, claims a lavender limited irrigation in case of hot weather.

  • Plant it at the base of your roses, as it has a repulsive power against aphids.

Malignant Council about lavender:

Mulch cocoa shells at the foot of lavender is very decorative and gives off a very interesting smell!

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