Laurier sauce a very aromatic shrub

The sauce evokes the Mediterranean bay and very aromatic foliage.

Planting, maintenance and size, here are the actions that will allow good growth.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Laurus nobilis
Family : Lauraceae
Type : Shrub, laurel

: 3to 7 m
Exposure : Sunlight

: Evergreen
Flowering : Spring

Harvest : The whole’year

  • Health: health benefits of laurel sauce

Plantation laurel sauce:

Prefer a plantation to’autumn or spring outside periods of freezing.

  • The sauce laurel needs sun but tolerates partial shade
  • Mix your garden soil with compost and water regularly in the spring after planting
  • Its natural shape is conical and its development is relatively fast, provide a clear area at the time of planting
  • Follow planting tips Gardening malignant.

The cuttings is suitable and easy to perform with the bay leaf sauce, choose a semi-lignified cuttings.

Laurel sauce Size:

No size n’is really necessary, rebalance the’shaft detour after flowering.

However, if you want prevent your sauce laurel multiplies by spontaneous seeding, frankly prune before flowering.

  • The more one size bay laurel and it becomes stronger

It is also quite possible shape laurel sauce, cone, ball or other. To do this, cut after the growth of spring and’fall.

Namely on a bay leaf:

Laurel sauce is one of evergreen shrubs.

It provides very fragrant leaves that s’used throughout the’year in the kitchen.

You can use the fresh but also dried, several months after being harvested because they retain their flavor.

  • Fresh leaves have more fragrance than that’dried
  • Prefer to pick as your needs
  • One sheet often enough to generate a fragrance to your dishes

Finally, note that the’infusion of laurel sauce is excellent for digestion, we just have to let steep 3 bay leaves for a cup of sauce’boiling water and drink it once a’lukewarm water.

Laurier sauce and bouquet garni:

Laurier sauce a very aromatic shrubIf the sauce is part of the bay bouquet garni, it will be easy to create yourself a bouquet garni by growing a few plants.

For keep all the flavor, preferably pick bay leaves sauce when’they are growth stage.

Dry them for a few days in a dry, ventilated before putting them in a jar with’sheltered from’humidity.

Besides Laurier sauce, the composition of the bouquet garni most common are:

  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Parsley
  • Green leek

You can also find: how to make her bouquet garni with plants in his garden

Malignant Council on the bay sauce:

To’prevent weed growth and retain the’water required for normal development, put a mulch at the foot of’tree spring and renew it every year.