Laurier beautiful rose bush

The oleander is a beautiful shrub that blooms all l’summer.

The size,’maintenance or’Watering oleander will d’improve flowering, growth and’prevent disease.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Nerium oleander
: Apocynacées
Type : Shrub, laurel
Height : 1-3 m

Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Foliage: Persistent
: June to September

Planting oleander:

Planting in the ground:

In preference to’autumn or in the spring, planting oleander is an important step because it determines the proper development of’shrub.

Choose a location sunny and instead sheltered from the wind. Mix the soil of your garden with potting soil in order to’have good drainage and nutrients necessary for oleander.

  • Follow tips for successful planting.

A contribution in fertilizer for tomato or vegetable is particularly suitable for having a abundant flowering throughout the’summer.

Planting in pots or tubs:

The culture of oleander pot or tray is quite possible and even recommended in areas where it freezes the’winter.

As in the ground, place a spot sunny and sheltered from the wind.

  • Install’shrub in the loam because pot roots can not fetching’water.
  • The soil provides the guarantee of keep the’water as long as possible and’have organic material necessary for its development.
  • In summer, n’please mulch the foot your oleanders to maintain a good level of’humidity.
  • In winter, enter your shrub in a bright room, cool but where it does not freeze.

Even more than the laurels planted in the ground, the earth s’depletes faster and pot‘contribution of’a tomato fertilizer are urged to ensure abundant flowering

Multiplication oleander:

Cuttings of oleander is the best way to easily multiply your oleanders.

Traditionally oleander cuttings August but it is quite possible to s’will try as early as June or July.

  • See our tips for an oleander cuttings

Size, maintenance of oleanders:

Size’an oleander in the ground:

At the very early spring,

  • Prune to about 1/3 of their length in order to restore vigor to’shrub.
  • You can fold up’50 cm from the ground without problems, oleander fear not the waist.
  • If frozen oleander, some branches have blackened during’winter, cut all that part because it does not grow back.

Size’a potted oleander:

After flowering and before putting your pots to’frost, cut stems of’Anne half to keep a nice compact silhouette.

Laurier rose in winter, frost and Protection:

If you live in an area where it will not freeze or very little, you can leave it in the ground without protection.

If instead it freezes in your area, Protect your oleander with veil’wintering.

  • Depending on the varieties resistance may be up’-15 ° but young laurel roses will always be better of prtégés.

What to do when the leaves turn yellow?

C’is the majority of cases a problem’spray or problem with the gel.


  • Oleander should be planted in soil well drained because any excess’water causes yellowing and browning of the foliage and its loss.
  • In summer, sprinkle generously when’it's hot, especially for oleander pot.
  • Pot, veilliez that the bottom is well drilled to allow’Flow of’water.
  • In the open ground, n’Feel free to mix the soil with some sand and put pebbles or beads’clay in the hole, it facilitates drainage

Oleander that has frozen

  • Oleander poor resistance to heavy frosts.
  • In case of drying of branches and foliage in the spring, remove the affected parts by cutting just below them and your bay will normally again.
  • If l’entire oleander is affected, it is likely to’be condemned.

Namely the oleander:

Laurier beautiful rose bushThis shrub gives beautiful pink or white flowers throughout the’was elongated leaves and rather reminiscent Mediterranean vegetation.

In hedge, in windproof but in isolation, bay will require the’Winter’mulch to protect its foliage and roots from the cold.

In summer abundant watering is strongly recommended in hot weather.

D’maintenance and easy to grow, c’is undoubtedly’one of the most beautiful summer-flowering shrubs.

Dramatically improve flowering thanks to l’tomato or vegetable fertilizers.

Malignant Council on oleander:

When watering the’summer, choose a watering in the evening to avoid’evaporation.

Attention to the toxicity of the plant: Contact with hands and mouth can be dangerous to health.

The most frequent diseases and pests:

  • Scale insects: Amac forms a whitish, slightly fluffy.
  • Canker: Small brown and rounded tasks form on the leaves.
  • Aphids: Leaves s’wind and falling noircissentavant.

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