Laurier perfect palm for a persistent hurdle

Palm laurel is an evergreen shrub that often figure of’hedge shrub.

It is popular for its rapid growth and great hiding power.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Prunus laurocerasus
Family : Rosaceae
Type: Shrub, laurel

: 1 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunlight shadow
Soil: Ordinary

Flowering: April
Foliage : Evergreen

Plantation of palm bay:

It can be planted with palm bay’October to March with a preference for’fall to promote’rooting before’winter.

In hedge, separate each foot’at least 80 cm to 1 m for a hedge of’about 2 m high. To go higher, space each foot a little more.

  • Palm bay like situations rather sunny
  • It tolerates all soil types
  • See our advice planting shrubs

Size palm bay:

There 2 periods size for your palm bay, in spring and’autumn.

C’is a shrub that is not afraid of size, even if it is severe.

  • In hedge prefer annual pruning to’fall, descending sap, if you want to slow its growth.
  • If you prune in the spring, your laurels palms will grow faster.
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Laurel and palm diseases

C’is a fairly resistant shrub with most diseases but n’is not free of’damage by pests, including aphids.

Is clearly seen in the’inside the leaves, they are small insects green.

  • Find our treatment against aphids.

When the leaves turn yellow or fade, c’is that’there is generally a deficiency in the soil and a supply of’fertilizer can s’be necessary.

Finally, if we see orange spots on the palm bay, c’is due to the lead of the disease. It is then necessary to remove infected individuals because it n’There is no cure and it may wither away to all your hedgerow s’he s’is d’a palm laurel hedge.

Toxicity of palm bay:

Palm bay emerges that cyanide’must naturally never ingest. Some herbivorous animals may die but to’Others, like dogs, can also be very affected after’ingestion of leaves, branches or palm bay fruits.

Palm bay, a natural sound insulation:

Palm bay is an excellent natural sound insulation.

You live at the edge of’a busy highway, near’highway or just in a noisy area, this shrub is’one of the best natural phonic insulation.

With its dense foliage, its leathery, thick leaves, the sound is much cushioning that’with most other shrubs.

  • A relatively tight planting will allow’quickly have a beautiful green wall
  • Regular size to densify the foliage will improve the performance of’insulation

Malignant Council on the palm bay:

In hedge, alternate your palm bay with’other evergreen shrubs, l’effect will be even prettier.

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