Laurier portugal a very beautiful shrub

Portugal laurel is a beautiful evergreen shrub with dark green foliage.

It offers a beautiful bloom in the summer and colorful berries in’autumn and winter.

Ideal as a hedge, it is also well suited for growing in pots and isolated.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Prunus lusitanica
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Shrub, laurel

: 2 to 6 m
Exposure : Sunlight

: Evergreen
Flowering : Spring
Fruits : Fall (inedible)

Plantation laurel of Portugal:

The Portugal laurel Prunus lusitanica, crashes to’autumn or spring outside periods of freezing.

  • Portugal laurel like situations rather sunny but tolerates partial shade.
  • A mixture of loam and garden soil is quite appropriate.
  • In hedge, planning a Sufficient space of 1 m between each subject, so your Prunus lusitanica can develop smoothly.
  • Water regularly the first year after planting
  • Follow planting tips Gardening malignant.

The cuttings Summer is suitable and easy to perform with the laurel of Portugal, choose a semi-lignified cuttings.

Size bay of Portugal:

No size n’is really essential, rebalance the’shaft detour after flowering louse end’winter.

Portugal laurel is however quite suitable l’topiary and it is easy to give it the desired shape.

  • Cut in May or June depending on climate, just before flowering
  • One size per year may be enough to keep a beautiful silhouette

Namely the bay of Portugal:

As its name’suggests, it is native to Portugal laurel and sometimes called plum Portugal.

Prunus lusitanica is part of the Rosaceae family which itself belongs to the genus Prunus Laurocerasus section (such as cherry laurel).

It is found in’naturally on the Portuguese ocean frontage including but northwest of’Africa.

  • Portugal laurel belongs to evergreen shrubs.

It provides persistent leaves’a beautiful dark green that slightly lace for a guaranteed decorative effect.

His white Flowering occurs in summer, in May or June depending on climate and can s’spread for weeks.

Finally, laurel Portugal will pretty bays that will delight the birds. They appear as small cherry red, turning black after that.

Malignant Council on the bay of Portugal:

To’prevent weed growth and retain the’water required for normal development, put a mulch at the foot of’tree spring and renew it every year.