Lantana beautiful perennial shrub

Lantana is a perennial shrub beautiful which advantageously will adorn your bins and massive garden.

Enjoy generous bloom from spring to’fall and’a relatively easy maintenance.

In short, that’you should know:

Name Lantana
Family : Verbenaceae
Type : Vivace

: 50 to 150 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

: Deciduous
Flowering : May to October / November

Planting lantana:

It is recommended to plant in the spring lantana purchased bucket.

  • Incorporate compost to your soil order’enrich your soil.

If you fear frost in your area prefer planting lantana in inchest because this plant from freezing and enter the winter.

Lantana seedlings:

Seedlings, choose a seedlings under shelter in March, transplant once in April and current bucket put in place in May.

Propagation by cuttings of lantana:

Cuttings of lantana is the best technique of propagating this plant.

  • Wait for the restart of the vegetation in the spring
  • Take young shoots of 8-10 cm long
  • Remove the lower leaves
  • Transplant the cuttings in a suitable soil
  • Keep the soil moist, light and without direct sunlight

Size lantana:

Remove faded flowers to as to stimulate’emergence of new flowers.

Namely the lantana:

Beautiful perennial considered a sub-shrub, this plant produces attractive flowers variegated yellow and pink.

It is suitable for planting in solid but also those of your boxes.

Keep a lantana d’year to year’other:

Attention Lantana lantana or not grown in perennial in zones where’winter is mild.
Moreover, it will be considered annually and will require:

  • Either replant the new lantana’following year.
  • Either dig up the stump, put it in a dry, cool and bright but frost and replant next spring.
  • For container gardening, you just put the pots in’frost during’winter.

Council for malignant lantana:

The cuttings of lantana is easily achieved during’summer, take the opportunity to multiply your plants economically!