Lagerstroemia a very ornamental tree-1

The lagerstroemia is a wonderful shrub that blooms throughout the’summer.

Here are the gestures’Maintenance attending the flowering and growing your lagerstroemia.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Lagerstroemia indica
Family : Lythraceae
Type : Tree

: 3 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Rich enough

: Deciduous
Flowering : May to October

Planting lagerstroemia:

It is found in shrub form lagerstroemia, half-pin or rod which gives, in the latter case,’impression’have a small tree.

It is recommended that the plant to’autumn to promote’roots, but also the will grow up’spring, outside periods of freezing.

In colder regions and we prefer a spring planting so that’Furthermore we plant instead to’autumn, after the leaves fall.

  • Prefer sheltered place and especially largely sunny
  • Its growth is relatively slow
  • Follow us planting tips.

The culture of lagerstroemia pot is quite possible, especially in areas with cold winters, which will allow you to protect the’winter.

Size, maintenance lagerstroemia:

Rather the end of’winter, preferably in March, shortly before or after depending on the climate (after the severe frosts of course)

  • Cut short the branches of’previous year to foster the next flowering.
  • Then delete the branches which cross, making sure to leave those who go to the’outside and eliminate those facing the’inside’shrub.

Prune branches that have pushed the’previous year, leaving only a few inches while ensuring leave a bud facing the’exterior s’shrub.

  • This will keep a beautiful silhouette.

Namely the lagerstroemia:

Lagerstroemia a very ornamental tree-1The lagerstroemia is a small tree to the generous and abundant flowering, it is remarkable in whole’summer thanks to its beautiful clusters of bright colors.

Flowering lasts a long time and may even stay on until lagerstroemia’to frost.

At’autumn, c’is a superb stained sheet of red, yellow and orange that unfolds.

L’winter, when’it will have lost its leaves, you will discover a beautiful blue mottled gray trunk as the plane tree.

  • Put at its foot a Mulching to protect the roots from the cold.
  • Cultivate pot and tuck it to the’frost if temperatures fall below -10 °

Malignant Council on the lagerstroemia:

During the summer heat, water regularly in the evening but not excessively.

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