Lache, superb sedge Gramine

sedge grasses and are pretty well known for their multi-hued foliage.

L’maintenance, planting to pruning, you will make them even more beautiful.

In short, that’you should know:
: Carex
Family : Cyperaceae
Type : Vivace, grass

: 50 cm
Exposure : Sunlight to partial shade
Ground : Ordinary rather wet

: Evergreen
Flowering : July-October

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Planting sedge, carex:

Indifferently to’fall or spring.
To create a lining effect, allow about 7 feet per m2.

Multiplication division of the tuft in the spring.

Size Sedge, Sedge:

No size n’is necessary.
You can delete the inflorescence faded in as.

Namely Sedge, Sedge:

Sedge, which is the name given to several species of sedge grass is a particularly interesting because it remains beautiful throughout the’year.

Its flowering is discreet while its foliage forms a nice clump persistent and resistant.

You l’install rather wet area at the edge of’a d’a fresh water or land.

It's easy and rustic Culture although most species do not tolerate prolonged severe frost.

Malignant Council about sedge, carex:

These plants are often as wide as high and therefore, must planted at a distance.

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