The size of the climbing roses-1

Climbing roses are unique and do not prune roses as swab or rose bushes.

The size of the climbing roses should allow the rose bush to continue to climb on its support while offering the most beautiful blooms.

But beware, this size s’performed on subjects with at least 3 years.

Follow our tips for beautiful roses:

The size of the climbing roses:

The climbing roses up, c’ie that bloom several times a’size year in February or March.

  1. Be applied to the end of winter and frost period a so-called size fish bone.
  2. We begin by remove dead wood and dried.
  3. It removes the older branches, those that’called old wood.
    N’not be afraid to prune the branches because when’they are not there, it is the young shoots that become strong and improve flowering.
  4. We keep the 5 or 6 branches the strongest size and lateral branches about 5 eyes.
    This amounts generally cutting each lateral branch 20 or 30 cm their base.
  5. The remaining branches and form the main branches.

With respect to non-climbing roses up, c’ie that which bloom’once, make the same gesture after flowering.

Malignant Council on climbing roses:

In summer, you can continue to "clean" your rosebush lightening twigs and other useless dead branches for the proper development of the shrub.

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