Pruning roses to know everything

The size of’a rose is a milestone in the life’a rose for c’is what will make it possible’have beautiful flowers.

Contrary to popular belief, the size of the roses is not done in early spring but at the end of’Winter in February or March depending on the region.

The rose must be dormancy period best to support this intervention.
But it is also very important’avoid frost that could affect the proper development of your rose bush.
C’Therefore, the best time is at the end of’winter, when the rose is still at rest and severe frost behind us ...

Pruning roses can give them more vigor.
It is necessary to normal development and flowering s’shrub.

There are 2 types of pruning roses as:

Click on the type of rose you want to cut:

  1. Roses bud, bushy and massifs:

Here's how to prune roses swab and rose bushes

  1. Climbing roses:

Here's how to prune climbing roses

Regarding the mini roses, size s’performed as a rose bush, while the size of ground cover roses do s’performs several years after planting.

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