The surprising orchid Zo Flix

Stars of the small as the big screen, music, arts, fashion ... they are likely to have given their names to beautiful roses. But the queen of flowers is not the only one who favors celebrities and must now face serious competition from, theorchid. The first Lady Michelle Obama as the actress Sarah Jessica have called theirs. And this year, for the first time in France, a French actress, too, agreed to lend his name to a new variety.

Since September, Zoé Félix orchid has joined the family of monocots. Unveiled at the International Day of the orchid, this Phalaenopsis is distinguished by the majesty of its poles and the delicate beauty that emerges each of its flowers. Its purple veins and heart are spotted its charm. This creation, designed by Art of Life, a group of 40 Dutch producers of orchids in pots should be feeling during marketing. But it will, however, be patient for a chance to acquire a copy of the beautiful. Yes! A year is needed to grow in a greenhouse in sufficient quantity to distribute.

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Laetitia Devillars

Photo credit: Laetitia Devillars (not royalty free photo right)